05/23/2013 01:44 pm ET

Commencement Speeches In 2013: 11 Famous Commencement Speakers In One Video

Each spring brings with it a new round of commencement speeches, and after a while, they all start to sound the same.

Don't believe it? Now, courtesy of Now This News, there's a video that condenses the stock platitudes from 11 commencement speeches into a short Ur-text for Any College, U.S.A.

There's no way you could fall asleep during this mini-commencement speech, but if you do, the clip from Annie Lennox's speech about halfway through should wake you up.

Want more commencement highlights? Check out our Commencement Central page, which includes words of wisdom from Stephen Colbert, Martin Sheen, Arianna Huffington, President Barack Obama and more.


Celebrities Giving Commencement Speeches In 2013
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