05/23/2013 09:28 am ET | Updated May 23, 2013

Pasta Fails: The Internet's Most Spectacular Disappointments (PHOTOS)

Flickr: jeffreyw

We hear people tell nervous cooks all the time, "Pasta is easy. No one can screw it up." Nervous cooks, we do not mean to make you more nervous, but that is a total lie. Pasta can be finicky if you don't know what to look for. The good news is, no matter how spectacular your pasta fail, someone else, somewhere, has probably done much worse.

Did you overcook your pasta slightly? Did you undercook it? Did you not achieve the precise pasta-to-sauce ratio you were shooting for? We're here to assure you that your pasta is probably just fine, and destined to improve the next time you attempt it. Just in case you don't believe us, we've compiled a list of the most egregious pasta fails we've ever seen. From technical mistakes to -- well -- crimes of concept, we hope these pasta disasters make you feel just a bit better.

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  • 1 At Least Your Pasta Does Not Smile Back
    Flickr: mojodaisy
    No more SpaghettiO's, ever, guys. Photo via Flickr user mojodaisy
  • 2 Does Your Pasta Look Like This?
    Flickr: jofishtrick
    Then you're doing better than you think. Photo via Flickr user jofishtrick
  • 3 Seems Legit
    Imgur: DaveLambert
    We really cannot stress this enough: use a really big pot to cook pasta. It needs room. For exactly this reason. Photo via Imgur
  • 4 So Close, Yet So Far
    Phil Denton
    Note to self: buy a colander. Photo via Flickr user Phil Denton
  • 5 At Least You Stayed Awake For Your Pasta
    These kids just cannot get it together.
  • 6 Hot Dog Spaghetti
    Imgur: thatkoreanguy
    Please guys, for the love of all that is holy, stop making these. They are not cute. They are horrible. THEY LOOK LIKE WORMS, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?? YOU ARE FEEDING YOUR CHILDREN WORMS! Ahem. Sorry. Photo via imgur
  • 7 Seriously, Enough
    Flickr: zanthrax-dot-nl
    WORMS, PEOPLE. Photo via Flickr user zanthrax-dot-nl
  • 8 Everything Is Wrong
    Flickr: wildandcrazyguy
    Pasta: totally serviceable. Accoutrements: utterly horrifying. Photo via Flickr user wildandcrazyguy
  • 9 At Least You Did Not Almost Lose A Hand
  • 10 So Thirsty. Need Sauce.
    Flickr: fugzu
    Send help. Photo via Flickr user fugzu
  • 11 It Does Seem Like It Was Important To Share This
    Flickr: jlastras
    Thank goodness the world saw it. The internet is great. : ( Photo via Flickr user jlastras
  • 12 Lasagna? Is That You?
    Flickr: .angels.
    Something just doesn't seem right. Photo via Flickr user .angels.
  • 13 What Have You Done?
    Flickr: marycsalome
    Pasta cannot swim. If you drown it in sauce, it will die. Let that be a lesson to you. Photo via Flickr user marycsalome
  • 14 Tuna Noodle Nightmare
    Flickr: Micah Sittig
    Presented without comment. Photo via Flickr user Micah Sittig
  • 15 We Can't.
    Flickr: jeffreyw
    We just can't. Photo via Flickr user jeffreyw
  • 16 Welp.
    Imgur: nukayon
    Did you cook your pasta in an actual pot on an actual stove? Our work is pretty much done here. Photo via Imgur


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