The internet has given us many things. Not the least of which are these 31 photos of dogs with eyebrows.

Note to humans: get a life.

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  • Eugene Levy

  • The Perfect Arched Brow

  • Brow Chicka Wow Wow

  • Bushy Eyebrows Are All The Rage

  • For My Modeling Portfolio

  • Why?

  • Eyebrows For All!

  • Loving My New Look

  • Bold Brows

  • One Proud Puppy

  • Don't Even Think About Drawing A Moustache

  • Is This Necessary?

  • Pretty In Pink

  • I'm Scared

  • What's So Funny?

  • What Do You Think?

  • I Could Get Used To This

  • How Do I Look?

  • With These Brows Things Are Really Looking Up For Me

  • Lopsided But Lovely

  • I Let You Draw The Eyebrows, Now Give Me Food

  • Very Confused

  • Glamour Shot

  • Professor Puppy

  • Small Brows For A Small Dog

  • Subtle Yet Sophisticated

  • I Just Don't Know Anymore

  • Unibrow Shame

  • My Food Bowl May Be Empty, But My Brows Look Beautiful

  • Blunt Brows

  • Furrowed Brows For A Ferocious Dog

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