05/26/2013 12:35 pm ET

Mitch Hurwitz Pens Letter To 'Arrested Development' Fans


Mitch Hurwitz has written an open letter to "Arrested Development" fans.

Posted on the official "Arrested Development" Facebook page, the hand-written letter thanks fans -- and haters -- for their support in bringing the dysfunctional Bluth family back to life on Netflix. The letter also stresses to fans that the original plans of having the episodes be watchable in any order is out and that the 15 new installments should be watched in order. Hurwitz also wrote that viewers should watch all 15 episodes "eventually" because they build.

"But really this is yours now," he wrote. "Except for the obvious copyright issues. And you have to subscribe to Netflix."

Take a peek at the letter below. Click over to Facebook to see the full one.

mitch hurwitz arrested development letter

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