05/27/2013 11:39 am ET Updated May 28, 2013

7 Celebrities Caught Being Way Awkward

Getty Images

Kanye West's polarizing performance on "SNL" last weekend made one thing clear: The rapper is the king of awkward. A Vine video of West's stony stare-down on stage at the end of the show became a viral hit, bringing to mind other uncomfortable celebrity moments caught onscreen.

Ahead, a roundup of celebrity moments that made us go, "um, what?"

Al Roker's "frozen" stare:

Kanye West's awkward "SNL" goodbye:

Jennifer Lawrence falls at the 2013 Oscars:

Will Smith's kiss-then-slap:

Taylor Swift's gross-face over Jelena:

Morgan Freeman tests out his "Google eyelids":

Miguel's OUCH! landing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards:


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