05/27/2013 09:43 pm ET | Updated May 28, 2013

Meghan McCain Says She Found Out On Twitter That Her Dad Was In Syria

When news broke Monday that John McCain had snuck into Syria to meet with members of the opposition, his daughter found out the same way many of us did -- on Twitter.

Meghan McCain noted the surreal experience in a tweet Monday evening.

Not wanting people to think she was complaining, McCain followed up with another tweet a few minutes later explaining that she admires her father's actions.

The Arizona Senator's eldest child is set to launch her own talk show in August on the Pivot channel, entitled "Raising McCain."

"We're told ... that young people can't have news because we're just tweeting all the time, and that's just bullshit," she said at the announcement of the show's upcoming launch.

Score another point for Twitter, apparently.

(h/t Jezebel)


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