05/28/2013 02:22 pm ET Updated May 28, 2013

Historical Facebook Names Takes Over Twitter

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After pushing memes related to Miguel's leg-drop and Drake's "No New Friends' through the stratosphere last week, "Black Twitter" struck again this morning as folks of color flooded timelines with witty responses to the trending topic #HistoricalFacebookNames, pushing it all the way to number one on the social networking site.

For those unfamiliar with how such a meme might be birthed, the #HistoricalFacebookNames game is simple. It plays on a certain segment of the population's tendency to add hilarious, and often braggadocious middle names to their Facebook profiles. To participate one must take a figure from history and insert a super-clever middle name. The middle name should combine something for which that historical figure is remembered with a modern pop-culture allusion. Here's a great example:

Historical Figure: Marie Antoinette

Famous Because: When told French citizens had no bread, she is often misattributed as having responded with "So let them eat cake."

Modern Pop-Culture Allusion: Rihanna's hit song "Birthday Cake"

Put all that together and you get:

Pretty simple... and hilarious right?

Check out some of the more clever, irreverent, and just plain wrong entries in the slideshow above.


Drake 'No New Friends' Meme
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