At the close of Saturday's "Real Time," Bill Maher made the case for legalizing marijuana to be the next big civil rights issue, following in the footsteps of gay marriage.

As Maher explained, proponents of legalization have to demand that it be accepted, much like the LGBT community did with gay marriage. He even suggested that there's some political capital to be gained in doing so: "If Republicans were smart, they would steal marijuana from the Democrats as a freedom issue. Of course they're not smart so they won't."

Maher went on to refer to President Obama as our "first pothead president," questioning his leadership on drugs given that he's joked about smoking pot as a young man.

"If anyone can say 'smoking pot won't ruin your life,' it's the guy who smoked bales of it and then became the leader of the free world."

Watch the clip above.

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