06/06/2013 09:03 am ET Updated Jun 06, 2013

Ethan Hawke Is Obsessed With Nicolas Cage


Looks like Ethan Hawke might make the cut for the next season of "My Crazy Obsession." Weirder than a pig obsession or wanting to be a merman, Ethan Hawke has come out and said he has an obsession with Nicolas Cage. This is pretty bizarre. After thinking for a few seconds, the only explanation has to be that since Ethan's last name is "Hawke," and hawks are often kept trapt in cages, maybe Ethan Hawke has some sort of Stockholm syndrome affection for the star of "Bangkok Dangerous."

Ethan Hawke's crazy obsession came out in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" yesterday where along with comparing Nicolas Cage to Marlon Brando, he also said he likes Tang. Very good taste all around.


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