One Direction Perfume: 'Our Moment' Fragrance Announced By Boy Band

06/06/2013 05:13 pm 17:13:18 | Updated Jun 06, 2013

As of today, you can now smell like your favorite boy band. One Direction has just announced their new fragrance for women, named after the song "Moments" from their debut album.

According to Harry, it "smells like a summers day" (grass? sun? sweat?), and Niall took to Vine to share JUST how excited he is about the announcement. Watch the cute mini-video, below.

Directioners, you'll be able to catch a whiff for yourselves on August 25 at Harrod's.

To read all the major announcements the boys have made for 2013, click through the slideshow.

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One Direction In 2013
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