Roger Federer Is Not Retiring But This Prank Shows How Some Players Might React (VIDEO)

06/08/2013 01:03 pm ET

You might think that Roger Federer's contemporaries would welcome the news that the 17-time Grand Slam champion was retiring. After all, his exit from the sport might free up a few titles per year for the men and some of the spotlight for anyone who could claim it. You would be wrong, apparently.

When several of the world's top tennis players were duped into believing that Federer had retired during the French Open, they were generally at a loss for words. Some seemed downright sad. Others were a bit miffed that they had never defeated him. In several cases, the word "history" was thrown around.


"He's too good," U.S. player John Isner said. "I wish I could be half as good as he is."

Aside from being "too good," Fed is likely also too smart to be taken in by such a prank. He would've totally realized something was up when the guy from that Heineken commercial was driving him to Roland Garros.

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