06/08/2013 01:20 am ET

'Sam & Cat': Our Predictions For The New Nickelodeon Show, In 15 GIFs


"Sam & Cat" is finally premiering tonight on Nickelodeon. Rejoice! But what will the new Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy-led show of your dreams be like?

Glad you asked, because we've looked into our crystal ball of awesome Tumblr GIFs and made 15 important predictions for what you can expect from the show, below.

Tell us yours in the comments or tweet @huffpostteen!

1. Hugs

2. High Fives

3. A sick apartment

4. Pranks

5. Ariana being goofy

6. Jennette being badass

7. Stuff involving a robot

8. Food

9. Excitement about food

10. Funny faces

11. Dancing

12. More dancing

13. Awkward dancing

14. Confusing conversations

15. Most importantly, the most adorably strange friendship of all time!

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