Everyone loves a good "Throwback Thursday" picture, but we don't think anyone could top what Rosario Dawson tweeted this week: a photo of her and Jay-Z hanging out. In the photo, Dawson is wearing a shirt and pants over her dress. It's hilarious.

Lena Dunham gets scientific and contemplates how global warming has basically eliminated the best season ever, Chrissy Teigen praises that shopping mall staple, Auntie Annes, and Mickey Boardman rounds up the list with a truly touching tweet in reference to Annabel Tollman's sudden death.

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  • Despite Breakup Rosario Dawson Is Ruby Red Hot At "Trance" Premiere

    Rosario Dawson may have had a recent breakup with Director Danny Boyle but they were all smiles together at the "Trance" premiere in London with co-stars James McAvoy and Vincent Cassel.

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