As if a bus ride on its own isn't bad enough.

Warning: what follows is gross.

A man was caught masturbating on a Megabus traveling from D.C. to New York Friday, according to DCist.

On Monday, a Reddit user decided to post a rundown of the events that may make you think twice before booking that next ticket:

I was on a MegaBus en route to NYC this past Friday and some guy was watching porn on his phone and jerking off. He stroked it for about 2 hours. Literally had his penis sticking completely out of his pants with absolutely no regard for anyone else on the bus. He didn't look like a scumbag, but clearly he had some issues. Not knowing the correct protocol for this kind of situation I asked around for advice. But somebody else on the bus must have called the authorities because just before the Lincoln Tunnel the cops came on the bus. They asked if anything was going on that they should be aware of and I raised my hand and told them about the man. He was pulled off the bus, cuffed and taken away.

The Redditor was sitting on the upper level of the double-decker bus and could see the suspect, who was -- according to subsequent comments -- on the first level. The Reddit user also wrote that while no one sat next to Mr. All Out, "there was a woman across the aisle."

And here's a video of what the Redditor says is the suspect, being frisked and arrested by police officers:

As one Redditor put it in the (now-long) thread about the incident: What a jerk!

Update, 5 p.m.: A spokesperson from the Port Authority confirmed to the Huffington Post on background that on Friday evening, a man was arrested for public lewdness on a Megabus.

We've reached out to Megabus for confirmation of this account -- we'll update the piece when we have more information.

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