06/10/2013 01:19 pm ET

The Trending 20: Teens On Twitter Share Why They're Probably Not Going To Text You Back


"The Trending 20" is a regular series where we round up interesting, informative and hilarious tweets from worldwide Twitter trending topics, fueled by young tweeters on the interwebs. Have one to submit? Give us a shout @HuffPostTeen.

Let's face it: We're all guilty of breaking textiquette from time-to-time. However, according to the worldwide Twitter trending topic today #IDidntTextYouBackBecause, your friend's poor texting response-time may be more than just an impolite accident. (#Sorry.)

Click through the slideshow below for 20 sad/hilarious reasons teen tweeters ignore their text messages. Share your own additions the comments or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

Trending 20
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