Jim Gaffigan is the best dad in the world. Clearly. Which is why you should probably buy his book for Father's Day and teach your pater familias a thing or two about good parenting.

Watch the video above where Gaffigan teaches his five children the value of hard work and a single French fry. Then go buy his book... so those kids can eat.

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  • Tie

    "I bought this a few hours ago."

  • DVD Collection Of Old Westerns

    "I know you like these, but I'm not watching them with you."

  • iTunes Gift Card

    "You gave this to me last Christmas."

  • Gold Toe Socks

    "When are you retiring?"

  • A John Grisham Book

    "I just assumed all dads like John Grisham books."

  • Polo Shirt

    "Mom said you needed one of these."

  • Power Drill

    "Want to put my new desk together for me?"

  • A Netflix Account

    "I want to watch Netflix when I come home to visit."

  • Digital Camera

    "I really hope you can figure out how to use this thing on your own."

  • Mini Grill

    "Want to make burgers for dinner tonight?"

  • Bottle Of Scotch

    "Sorry about raiding your liquor cabinet in high school."

  • A New Watch

    "People your age are the only ones who still wear these things."

  • Cologne

    "You've been using the same cologne for 20 years. Here's to another 20!"

  • Hair Trimmer

    "I don't want to know how you use this."

  • Golf Clubs

    "It's time for you to embrace your old age."