06/11/2013 02:25 pm ET

Lionel Richie Gardens With Daughters Nicole And Sofia Richie For Father's Day

At 63, Lionel Richie still has "sooo much energy for an old person," according to his cheeky daughter Nicole Richie.

In honor of Father's Day coming up this Sunday, the father of three spent a day gardening with daughters Nicole, 31 and Sofia, 14. When Nicole asks her father "Who would you rather spend more time with, me or your plants," Richie quips back, "I love my plants because they don't talk back."

Neither daughter had any qualms when it came to criticizing dad for his "bipolar texting" and professionally shot photographs of his dogs. For some more of these hilarious Richie family quips -- and to watch Richie squirm as his daughter grills him on his sex life -- watch the video above.


Lionel Richie