06/11/2013 11:34 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'What Would You Do?,' ABC Show, Features Transgender Teen Prom Dress Shopping With Father (VIDEO)

The ABC show "What Would You Do?" has tackled various gay and transgender issues in the past, such as coming out to unaccepting parents and transgender children shopping for Halloween costumes.

The latest episode of the series involves an actor playing a transgender teen who is prom dress shopping with her mother.

Soon after she begins trying on dresses, another actor playing the teen's exasperated father enters the scene and demands she stop shopping. He then asks for opinions from other shoppers, including a mother with her own teenage daughter, a grandmother and finally a high school boy who offers the simplest and perhaps most poignant response.

Watch the video above and then tell us in the comments section below, what would you do?

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