06/12/2013 05:43 pm ET

Celebrity Selfies: Everyone Does It, But Who Does It Best? (PHOTOS)

Last week, The New Yorker published an article titled "The Return of the Selfie," pegging social media as responsible for the rise of the "self-taken photograph." And if there's anyone on social media who knows selfies, lives selfies, and loves selfies, it's celebrities.

As sure as they eat and breathe, they each must post a "candid" snapshot for the world to like at least twice a month. Some (ahem, Kardashian clan), post them as often as every other day. Others take advantage of social scenarios and involve others, friends or family, in the shot. Some do the mandatory ducky face. Others convey their emotions via hashtags.

So who does it best? You tell us:

Battle Of The Celebrity Selfie
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