06/12/2013 03:29 pm ET

Chris Hayes Apologizes For George Wallace Error (VIDEO)

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Chris Hayes apologized for what he called "a stupid, inexcusable and historically illiterate mistake" made on his show Tuesday night.

Hayes was referring to an "All In" segment marking the 50th anniversary of former Alabama governor George Wallace's attempts to block two black students from enrolling in the Unversity of Alabama. The segment — in which the MSNBC anchor called Wallace a "villain" who took a stand for "evil" — incorrectly labelled the former governor a Republican. He was actually a Democrat.

Hayes did not refer to Wallace as a Republican, but the chyron did.

"It’s a stupid, inexcusable and historically illiterate mistake," Hayes said via a spokesperson. "We’ll correct it on-air tonight. I should have caught it and apologize to viewers for not catching it." He tweeted a similar response on Wednesday.


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