06/12/2013 12:07 pm ET

Baby Duck Chasing Dog Just Wants To Be Friends (VIDEO)

Making friends isn't always easy.

This 3-day-old duck may have come off as far too forward with its new housemate. Despite the duck's adorableness, the dog is just not having it. In fact, she spends the entire minute-long clip dodging the duckling's advances.

According to Elisa Young, who uploaded the video, the dog eventually grew less scared of the duck.

"[The dog] still doesn't like it," Young wrote on YouTube, "because it annoys her all the time."

We're hoping their rocky start will one day morph into a close friendship -- maybe even one like this dog who lets his duck pal ride on his back.

If the rest of the Internet is any indication, though, ducks chasing dogs are more the rule than the exception. Check out a bunch more below. Enjoy.

Ducks Chasing Dogs