06/14/2013 09:54 pm ET

'Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight' Puppy Lullaby Works Like Magic (VIDEO)

This puppy lullaby looks more like sorcery to us.

A group of adorable puppies gather for bed time, and as soon as they hear the dulcet tones of The Spaniels' 'Good Night, Sweetheart, Good Night,' they curl up and nod off as if under a spell.

The video is originally from 2008, but was posted to Reddit today with the caption "A puppy lullaby so effective, this guy must be using black magic." When we realized that we'd never posted it on The Huffington Post, we knew that was a wrong we had to make right.

It's been viewed more than 8 million times over the years. Once you've watched, you can't help but click repeat. It really is like magic.

Want more? Check out Charlie, a dog who starts snoring when he hears one of his favorite tunes, Johannes Brahms' 'Lullaby.'

H/T: Reddit


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