One young woman has told the world she'll be a "Girls" fan for life -- by getting a tattoo in Lena Dunham's handwriting.

On June 9, Tina Wargo tweeted to @girlsHBO asking for help in procuring a photograph of the words "All adventurous women do" -- a much-discussed line from "Girls" season 1 -- handwritten by Lena Dunham, the show's creator and star:

Dunham, being the all-around awesome lady that she is, was into the idea and posted a few tattoo options on her Instagram account within 24 hours of receiving the request:
lena dunham tattoo

After Wargo got the tattoo this week, she tweeted a photo at Dunham and the star tweeted her excitement back:

We sincerely hope that after Wargo got her tattoo, she retreated to her bedroom, blasted Robyn and had a dance party -- like all adventurous women do.

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