Have you ever noticed that literally anything Justin Bieber posts on Twitter gets retweeted at an astronomical rate? Case in point: The tweet "having fun" has over 75,000 retweets.

One of the writers at "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Arthur Meyer, decided to do a little experiment with this. He tried tweeting the same thing as Bieber, and each night this week on "Late Night," revealed how many RTs his identical tweets got compared with the teenage pop star.

Well, Bieber got wind of this, and decided to play along. When Meyer tweeted "we work hard," aping Bieber's tweet, Bieber himself RTd that. So Fallon talked to Bieber, and asked him do the reverse, and to RT something nonsensical that Meyer tweeted.

Meyer tweeted "frog lawn mower," and Bieber kept his promise by doing the same:

Arthur Meyer
Frog lawn mower

Justin Bieber
Frog lawn mower

When Bieber tweeted it, "frog lawn mower" became a worldwide trending topic.

To show his appreciation (and a sense of humor -- based on his "SNL" appearance, we didn't realize he had one), Bieber sent an actual frog lawn mower to Meyer.

Check out the clip above to see how it all went down.

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