Father's Day is here, and while dad might feel like the celebrity of the family, there are actually some dads who are just that -- famous for everything from their comedic or vocal work to their producing and acting abilities. But it's not just the patriarchs who are well-known throughout Hollywood and beyond when it comes to these guys. For the stars included in this roundup, talent just runs in their blood.

Check out 14 famous father-and-son duos, and happy Father's Day to all dads (on and off the silver screen):

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  • Alan & Robin Thicke (Then)

    Father: actor, songwriter and talk and game show host

  • Alan & Robin Thicke (Now)

    Son: R&B singer-songwriter, producer and actor

  • Jerry & Ben Stiller (Then)

    Father: actor and comedian

  • Jerry & Ben Stiller (Now)

    Son: actor, comedian, director and producer

  • Martin & Charlie Sheen (Then)

    Father: actor

  • Martin & Charlie Sheen (Now)

    Son: actor and comedian

  • Nick & George Clooney (Then)

    Father: journalist, anchorman and television host

  • Nick & George Clooney (Now)

    Son: actor, director, screenwriter and producer

  • James & Josh Brolin

    Father: actor, director and producer

  • James & Josh Brolin (Now)

    Son: actor

  • Donald & Kiefer Sutherland (Then)

    Father: actor

  • Donald & Kiefer Sutherland (Now)

    Son: actor, producer and director

  • Lloyd & Jeff Bridges (Then)

    Father: actor

  • Lloyd & Jeff Bridges (Now)

    Son: actor and producer Note: Lloyd Bridges died in 1998. This photo was taken a couple years prior in 1996.

  • Kirk & Michael Douglas (Then)

    Father: actor, producer and author

  • Kirk & Michael Douglas (Now)

    Son: actor and producer

  • Rance & Ron Howard (Then)

    Father: actor

  • Rance & Ron Howard (Now)

    Son: director, producer and former child actor

  • Carl & Rob Reiner (Then)

    Father: actor, director, producer, writer and comedian

  • Carl & Rob Reiner (Now)

    Son: actor, director and producer

  • Robert & Robert Downey (Then)

    Father: actor, writer and director

  • Robert & Robert Downey (Now)

    Son: actor

  • James & Scott Caan (Then)

    Father: actor

  • James & Scott Caan (Now)

    Son: actor

  • Tom & Colin Hanks (Then)

    Father: actor, producer, writer and director

  • Tom & Colin Hanks (Now)

    Son: actor

  • Will & Jaden Smith (Then)

    Father: actor, producer and rapper

  • Will & Jaden Smith (Now)

    Son: actor, rapper and dancer

Correction: Rance Howard's grandson was misidentified as Ron in a previous photo on the slide "Rance & Ron Howard (Then)."