13 Reasons We Have Gratitude For Our Dads (PHOTOS)

06/16/2013 11:10 am ET

It never hurts to practice a little gratitude.

This Father's Day, we're taking a pause to toast to dear old dad -- the man who kissed our scraped knees, taught us patience (and sometimes not) and passed down a genuine spirit.

We asked our social community to tell us one thing they appreciate about these wonderful men. Below, find some of our favorite responses. Then, let us know what's so precious about your pops in the comments section.

"He was always kind and gentle. He was a good example of what a father should be." -- Jill Crawford daditude

"His easy going spirit." -- Kat Shareef daditude

"His perfect heart." -- Dawne Strehl daditude

"His half of my genes: Musical ability and earthiness." -- Brandi Ginn daditude

"He GETS me. And loves me anyway." -- Annete McClellan daditude

"His joy in life, his belief in me." -- Lisa Frankel daditude

"His sense of humor." -- Jennifer Recupero Mamone daditude

"His joyous outlook on the world, his awesome way of being there for people." -- Lauren Jacobs daditude

"His caring criticism." -- Gabriella Davalos daditude

"His moral support." -- @TheFullBug daditude

"His unconditional love. He's never let me down." -- @KTselli daditude

"Grateful he taught me to be logical about life's highs and lows." -- @rebelsckum man and baby

"He taught me to fish. Literally." -- @psmoylan daditude

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