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Lily Koppel, 'The Astronaut's Wives Club' Author, Explains Why Apollo Spouses Were The First Reality Stars

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Were astronauts' wives the Kardashians of the 1960s? Sort of, says one journalist.

Lily Koppel, the author of The Astronaut's Wives Club, joined Ricky Camilleri on HuffPost Live this week to discuss how astronauts' wives were America's first reality TV stars.

According to Koppel, astronauts' spouses went from being unknown military wives to Life magazine cover stars, and were under immense pressure to have "everything together on the home front."

"You had to have a perfect marriage, you had to have an exemplary family life, and I don't think you could share a lot of the brutal honesties that we see our reality starts today sharing," Koppel said.

Watch the full HuffPost Live segment here for more on these women's important roles.

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