Right up until this roller skater's much anticipated FAIL, he's basically a funky groove machine.

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  • Swinging Away

  • Dodo Bird

    I was smart enough to get in, why can't I get out?

  • Shot Gun Stupidity

    Take that, birds.

  • Belly Flop

    Proving that kayaks and diving boards don't mix.

  • My turn

    Guess not.

  • Joy Ride

    I just wanted to feel like I was flying.

  • Cookie Crisp?

    No, you're not getting that cereal.

  • Cat Walk Catastrophe

    Pose, pose, spin, splat.

  • A Bad Idea

    Jump and destroy.

  • Do You Trust Me?

    I guess she doesn't understand trust falls.

  • Treadmill Dance

    His fall looked cooler than any dance could've.

  • Model Behavior

    Model down.

  • Motocycle Mishap

    He was just trying to show off his sweet ride.

  • Doggy Slide

    He recovered nicely.

  • Mountain Golf Fail

    I don't think he'll get his backpack back.

  • Pull-Up or Pull-Down

    I think he'll be steering clear from the gym for a while.

  • High-Five...