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4 Home Tech Gadgets That'll Make Your Day A Little Less Annoying (PHOTOS)

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It's not our proudest moment when we realize we've forgotten our keys. That terrible sinking sensation in the stomach as you fumble in your pockets and work bag, the doomed feeling you just can't shake while you search your car (or the ground around you) in vain. Well, technology is finally getting around to addressing this problem with the CalypsoKey. It's essentially a "key" that sits inside your smartphone. To get inside your house, just tap the phone case against the lock/access point.

Just don't lose your phone, OK?

Here are a few more home tech gadgets that promise to make your life a little less annoying.

(Props to Mashable for introducing these gizmos to the world -- take your clicks their way for a comprehensive look at other techy ways to make your life a little easier.)

Kohler Numi Toilet
home tech gadgets
Its motion-activated seat ensures that certain members of your household won't accidentally leave the toilet seat in the "open" position.

Airocide Air Purifier
Even if you keep your home pristine, you're still likely to have airborne allergens just waiting to make your day miserable. This stylish (for an air purifier) option will put an end to that.

Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid
home tech gadgets
It sounds like an IKEA product, but this is basically a Roomba for your lawn. As long as it doesn't go rogue and into traffic, this can potentially save your weekends.

Yes, it can get more high-tech in your bathroom. Here's proof.

High-Tech Bathrooms
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