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Metta World Peace: Dwight Howard Not Going To Rockets Because His Testicles Are Tied Up

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Los Angeles Lakers forward Dwight Howard, right, looks at the referees with teammate Metta World Peace, left, after being ejected from the game while playing against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday Jan. 20, 2013. | AP

By Jose Martinez, Complex Sports

It's a mystery where Dwight Howard will end up this off-season. There are rumors that he could join forces with Chris Paul wherever he goes. The Houston Rockets are prepared to make Howard an offer he can't refuse. But, through all the talk, Metta World Peace is sure that DH will stay with the Los Angeles Lakers. How is MWP so sure? Welp, we'll just show you what he told SportsRadio 610 in Houston earlier today.

“Well, he’s not going to Houston, I tell you that.”

“You know how those horses have those little things, ties in a bullfight, you tie those things to their balls and they go crazy? I’ve got two of those tied to Dwight Howard’s testicles, so he can’t move.”

The Lakers fans out there that want Howard back gotta feel oddly, very oddly, comforted by MWP's comments. So Metta, does that also restrict Howard's potency when interacting those groupies out there?

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[via Black Sports Online]

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