06/19/2013 12:50 pm ET

Chris Matthews: Sun 'Ruined' Obama's Speech In Berlin (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews was not all that enthused by President Obama's speech in Berlin on Wednesday, and he thought there was one culprit to blame: the sun.

Obama delivered a wide-ranging speech — in which he called for reductions in America and Russia's stockpile of nuclear weapons, as well as action against climate change — at the city's historic Brandenburg Gate.

Matthews reacted to the speech, saying that Obama "struggled" with his speech at times. "The late afternoon sun in Berlin, I think, ruined his use of the teleprompters," the MSNBC host said, "So his usual dramatic wind-up was ruined."

Matthews has been a fervent supporter of Obama. He once criticized Obama's use of a teleprompter, calling it a "menace" for the president.


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