Eminem's 'Symphony In H' Teases As Rapper's Contribution To DJ Tony Touch's Mixtape

06/19/2013 09:27 am ET

Eminem's return to the rap game is official.

The 40-year-old rapper teased "Symphony in H" this week with a 1:30 minute clip. The track is Em at his finest -- quick and harsh, over a catchy beat. "Love stinks, that explains all this anger that's spilling out, and I ain't chilling out / Got an Oscar, but I'm still a grouch," Eminem raps in "Symphony in H." Take a listen to the teaser above.

The song reportedly first leaked on DJ Tony Touch's Sirius radio show. "Symphony in H" will make its full debut on Touch's upcoming mixtape, "The Piece Maker 3: Return Of The 50 MC's," hitting stores July 9.

Marshall Mathers, who is expected to release his own album later this year, took to Twitter to publicize the track.

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