06/19/2013 09:54 am ET

James Franco's Grandma's Twitter Account Exists And Is Pretty Great


With his Twitter account and Instagram profile, it's clear that actor James Franco is very active on social media, and now we know where his social genes come from: his dear old grandmother Mitzie.

She has a Twitter feed! Her page is fascinating because of course it is. You should be following her for the mere possibilities. Here are 10 tweets that grabbed our attention. She has 2,200 followers, but come on people, we can do better than that!

This is the most information ever contained in a single tweet. She knows who Marky Mark is. But has she ever met the Funky Bunch? "I sure can." She partied so hard at the Rumpus Room, she lost her jacket. She's witty. Grandmominee! She loves Japan. She lived next to Emperor Hirohito. Obviously. She really loves Japan. She even retweets her daughter, James Franco's mom? This grandma rocks.


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