10 Bike Accessories That'll Make Your Ride Even Cooler (PHOTOS)

06/20/2013 01:48 pm ET

We love the simple pleasure of freewheeling through the neighborhood on a bicycle. And there are some bike accessories that certainly make the pastime seem even more romantic. Take these miniature planters, for one, so you can take your succulent for a ride, or a wine bottle holder perfect for an impromptu picnic. These goods are not only appealing -- but handy, too.

Here are our picks from our favorite sellers.

1. Wooden Basket (rear) bike accessories Credit: Off Cut Studio Etsy Shop

2. Bottle Belts bike accessories Credit: Walnut Studiolo Etsy Shop

3. Miniature Bike Planters bike accessories Credit: Wearable Planter Etsy Shop

4. Fuuvi Charly Kotori Bicycle Lock bike accesories Credit: AC Gears

5. Top Tube Bike Frame Bag bike accessories Credit: Fool Heartedly Etsy Shop

6. Pannier Bike Basket bike accessories Credit: Imagine Childhood

7. Road Popper (bottle opener) bike accessories Credit: Chromoly/Shapeways

8. Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit For iPhone 5 bike accessories Credit: Annex/Amazon

9. Fuuvi Charly Bicycle Bell bike accessories Credit: AC Gears

10. Wire Bicycle Basket (front) bike accessories Credit: Beachbikes

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