06/20/2013 01:05 pm ET

Matt Skuta Records A Second Of His Life Every Day For 6 Months (VIDEO)

How would you sum up your day in one second?

Matt Skuta, from Oklahoma, has been doing just that for 6 months -- since December 18 -- and plans to do so for the rest of the year, msnNOW reports.

The result is an oddly beautiful and symbolic 3-minute mashup.

You get quick glimpses of Skuta's life -- from Christmas Eve to a trip to the museum to a rainy day to silly moments with his dogs. In watching you get a sense of the most important parts of Skuta's life -- his dogs!

Skuta is not the first to do this. Kent Frost, a photographer, summed up 2012 with his "Just A Second 2012" video. Check that one out and see Frost's and Skuta's lives differ in second-long intervals.


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