Passengers aboard JetBlue Flight 1437 Wednesday enjoyed very unique in-flight entertainment: two of their fellow passengers got engaged!

Groom-to-be Adam created a video explaining his and his girlfriend Taryn's love story and asking her to marry him, JetBlue's BlueTales blog reported Wednesday. Then, with JetBlue's help, he played the video on all the seat-back TVs about 30 minutes into their flight from San Francisco to Long Beach on Wednesday (the couple is from the Bay Area and was flying to Long Beach to celebrate Adam's birthday).

After Taryn said "yes," the entire plane broke out into applause and the flight attendants passed out cake pops to celebrate.

When Adam and Taryn arrived at Long Beach Airport, they were greeted with cake, champagne and cheers from dozens of JetBlue employees.

Watch the video above to see how the proposal played out, and click here to watch the video Adam showed Taryn (and their fellow passengers!) during the flight.

Another lovestruck flier used the airplane's loudspeaker to play his girlfriend's favorite song and then popped the question in 2012. In 2009, a man surprised his girlfriend by boarding her plane and proposing, after the other passengers had exited the plane.

Check out more unconventional proposals in the slideshow below.

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  • Jack-O-Lantern

    One woman told Glamour that her boyfriend suggested they have a pumpkin-carving contest and not show each other their finished jack-o'-lanterns until they were done. Then, he revealed that <a href="" target="_blank">he had carved "Marry Me?"</a> into his pumpkin.

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Corey Newman often watched his girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein, do the Washington Post crossword puzzle, so he worked with the Post's crossword creator to write a puzzle with answers related to Epstein. The clue for 51 across was "Words with a certain ring to them," and the <a href="" target="_blank">answer was "Will You Marry Me."</a> The puzzle was published in the paper, and an unsuspecting Epstein completed it with the help of Newman.

  • Coffee Cup

    Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons asks customers to "roll up the rims" of the cups to see if they won a prize. So Jeff Chapman snuck a tiny note that read "Will you marry me?" <a href="" target="_blank">under the rim of his cup</a> and gave it to girlfriend Jaimie Baisley to unroll.

  • "Harry Potter" Book

    A Redditor named trehlo cut a hollow square into the pages of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," then attached a ring inside the hollow section so it rested on top of the chapter titled "The Unbreakable Vow." Click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to see a picture.

  • Toilet

    Writer Sara Barron wrote an essay on The Frisky explaining how her boyfriend proposed by <a href="" target="_blank">hiding a ring in a toilet</a>. He wrapped the toilet in plastic, then placed the ring on top of the bowl and closed the lid. He asked her to come into the bathroom, then lifted the lid to reveal the ring.

  • Teddy Bear

    To ask his girlfriend, Annette, to marry him, one man <a href="" target="_blank">made a stuffed bear</a> at Build-A-Bear Workshop, recorded himself saying "Annette, will you marry me?" and put the recording in the bear's paw. He dressed the bear in a tuxedo, placed the ring in its paws, and instructed Annette to squeeze the bear's paw.

  • Ice Cream

    Ari Weitz knew his girlfriend, Rachel Fox, loved ice cream, so he asked their favorite ice cream shop to make her a <a href="" target="_blank">new flavor called "Rachel, Will You Marry Me?"</a> The special flavor was a mixture of Fox's favorite things: salted caramel ice cream with pretzels, chocolate-covered cookie dough and a peanut butter swirl. After Fox tasted it, the shop's owners revealed the flavor's name, which they had written on their menu board (pictured at left).

  • Taco Bell Sauce Packet

    Taco Bell makes sauce packets that say "Will you marry me?" and believe it or not, many people have used them to propose. Click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to see photos from couples who have let the sauce packet pop the question.

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