06/21/2013 12:22 pm ET

'Grandma Awesome' Rides Motorcycle For The First Time After 59 Years With Grandson (PHOTO)

You have to love the smile on this grandma's face. Her grandson took her on her first motorcycle ride in 59 years and subsequently shared this compare and contrast image on Reddit.

The British pair drew a lot of attention when her grandson shared the photo. He included a caption with the photograph, "Yesterday I took my Grandmother on her first bike ride in 59 years, I need a new word for awesome." Inspired by her grandson's caption, Reddit commenters dubbed this thrill seeking older lady, "Grandma Awesome" -- a term that seems to suit her well based on her happy grin in the after photograph.

Other Reddit users commented, "Gramazing," "Gramtacular," "Gramorous," and "Gram Turisimo."

Bravo to this gramnificent grandma!

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