06/22/2013 09:32 am ET | Updated Aug 22, 2013

Kelly Catapano Drunkenly Crashes Into Boyfriend's Graveyard


One woman made the grave decision to get behind the wheel while three times the legal blood alcohol limit for driving and ended up in a shockingly much graver place.

With a 0.24 blood alcohol level, the woman "allegedly"* crashed her car into a graveyard containing the remains of her beloved mob-affiliated boyfriend.

The woman, alleged to be driving a 2001 Chrysler Sebring, left her car hanging precariously over a fresh yet open grave in the Moravian Cemetery in the New Dorp neighborhood of New York's famous Staten Island.

The deceased boyfriend, Frank Fresca, was murdered in 2008 and his death is allegedly tied to his cooperation with the FBI in regard to another murder.


Marriages That End In Murder
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