06/24/2013 12:24 pm ET

Sherri Shepherd's Impression Of Two Women Trash-Talking Each Other (VIDEO)

Sherri Shepherd got very animated on Monday's "The View" while impersonating two women "trash talking" each other.

The roundtable was discussing Serena Williams' back-and-forth with Maria Sharapova over their love lives. Williams said that she apologized to Sharapova for comments that were reported in a Rolling Stone profile of her.

On Monday, the ladies of "The View" debated whether people view public spats between men differently than between women. Shepherd interjected with what she described as an especially fiery exchange she witnessed between two women at a comedy club.

Shepherd threw her hands up in the air and impersonated one woman calling the other a "b-tch" and the other woman telling her to meet her outside.

"We're all grown," Shepherd said, expressing her dismay at the altercation. Her impression even had co-host Whoopi Goldberg getting into the act.


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