Poor Snuffy... he's been through so much already.

(Shark Week returns to the Discovery Channel Sunday, August 4.)

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  • Dog Passenger

    Driver, take me to get some tasty treats at once. (Via <a href="http://animalsdoingpeoplethings.tumblr.com/post/551835089/via-animalinsider" target="_hplink">Animals Doing People Things</a>)

  • Baby Panda Wave

    Hi. (Via <a href="http://animalsposinglikepeople.tumblr.com/post/191189554/baby-panda-waving-back-to-the-oh-hai-bug-below" target="_hplink">Animals Posing Like People</a>)

  • Kitten Chess

    If I move my pawn to d5, then you'd be forced to block with your rook, and I could check with my bishop...wait, just give me a minute here. (<a href="http://animalsthatdopeoplethings.tumblr.com/post/9253692427" target="_hplink">Via Animals Doing People Things</a>)

  • Disapproving Starfish

    What'd the kids do this time? (Via <a href="http://www.blameitonthevoices.com/2012/02/starfish-does-not-approve.html" target="_hplink">Blame It On The Voices</a>)

  • Horse Smile

    Say cheese. (Via <a href="http://animalsposinglikepeople.tumblr.com/post/138483934/deez-my-teufs-note-doesnt-she-look-like-one-of" target="_hplink">Animals Posing Like People</a>)

  • Cozy

    This pillow-blanket idea is genius! (<a href="http://animalsthatdopeoplethings.tumblr.com/post/15779708073" target="_hplink">Via Animals Doing People Things</a>)

  • Bear Picnic

    When are we eating? (Via <a href="http://animalsthatdopeoplethings.tumblr.com/post/13925394566/scuse-me-im-supposed-to-be-getting-a-picnic" target="_hplink">Animals Doing People Things</a>)

  • Lounging Dog

    Just hanging out after a busy day in the garden. (Via <a href="http://animalsposinglikepeople.tumblr.com/post/100421434" target="_hplink">Animals Posing Like People</a>)

  • Puppy Couch

    You mind grabbing me some water while you're up? (Via <a href="http://animalsthatdopeoplethings.tumblr.com/page/16" target="_hplink">Animals Doing People Things</a>)