Taylor Lautner Beat Up On Set Of 'Tracers': Actor Gets Physical For New Movie (PHOTOS)

06/25/2013 04:54 pm ET

Taylor Lautner took a rough beating on Monday, but have no fear -- it was all in a day's work.

The actor was shooting a rather physical sequence in New York for the upcoming movie "Tracers," which pits his bike-messenger character against the Mafia. During the scene, Lautner appears to be the victim of an intense fight from which he barely escapes. We were worried for the actor at first, but he's OK, guys.

These fellas aren't messing around.
taylor lautner

They're out for blood -- or at least lack of breath.
taylor lautner

Someone help him!
taylor lautner

Wait, he's escaping? That guy in the purple shirt doesn't look too concerned.
taylor lautner

Go, Taylor, go!
taylor lautner

Thank goodness: safe, secure and prepared for vengeance.
taylor lautner

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