06/26/2013 05:08 pm ET

Summer Fling: We Want Your Stories Of Seasonal Romance


Summer has finally arrived! Time to indulge in iced coffees, afternoons in the sun, dining al fresco ... and of course, some summer sex -- because because science told us to.

On June 25, LiveScience published an article asking whether "summer love" actually exists. Catherine Sanderson, a psychology professor from Amherst College, told LiveScience that factors like being on a break from "real life" and spending more time socializing during the summer might increase the chances of a summer romance. And, as HuffPost blogger Jennifer Garam pointed out this week, "Summer, with its heat and sweat and skin-baring clothing options, is a great time to have a crush."

But all "science" aside, we want to hear your stories of warm-weather romances past! If you have a summer fling story, email a paragraph or two with your first name, age and location to women@huffingtonpost.com.


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