06/26/2013 01:52 pm ET

Zachary Quinto Reads Hilarious Wedding Disaster Stories (VIDEO)

We've heard some pretty terrible wedding disaster stories here at HuffPost Weddings, but those featured in a new video by Periods. Films may take the cake.

Periods. recently released a feature-length film, "Breakup at a Wedding," that centers around an utterly disastrous fictional wedding. Filmmaker Victor Quinaz took a web survey asking fans to submit their own wedding disaster stories in conjunction with the release of film; in the video above, actor Zachary Quinto reads three of the most harrowing tales. In one story, a former bride remembers the nude portraits of her and her husband drawn in their guestbook, and in another, a guest recalls the time a bridesmaid threw up on the bride and all over the couple's cake. Yikes.

Quinaz also interviewed real-life couples, wedding guests, wedding vendors and others about the most jaw-dropping events they'd ever witnessed at weddings. Click through the slideshow below to take a look at those interviews, and share your wedding horror stories in the comments.

Wedding Disaster Stories

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