We all know, climbing up and down stairs can be challenging. But these 11 dogs take on the stairs with bravery, grace, and fearlessness.

Sure, some are more successful than others, but they're all adorable.

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  • Hop To It

    The most adorable way to climb stairs.

  • Down Dog

    Demonstrating the laziest way to go down the stairs.

  • Stop, Drop, And Roll

    This dog knows how to roll with it.

  • Teamwork

    Together, we could climb a mountain.

  • The Struggle

  • Leap For It

    He smells bacon.

  • One Day...

    You may win today stairs, but tomorrow you are mine.

  • Sleepwalking

    Stairs make the perfect resting spots.

  • The Daredevil

    Officially the coolest dog ever.

  • My Only Playmate

    That's one way to use stairs.

  • Slow And Steady

    I don't let my fear of heights get me down.