06/27/2013 12:31 pm ET

Peter The Elephant Plays Awesome Piano Duet In Thailand (VIDEO)

Move over, Billy Joel. There's new piano man in town, and he's got tunes in his trunk.

PaulBartonPiano posted this video of Peter the elephant playing the blues ;[]"entirely on his own accord," according to YouTube.

Peter, who's a part of the Elephantstay program at the Royal Elephant Kraal & Villiage in Thailand, is a little bit off beat, but with that smile, who cares? Even the elephant next to him seems to be enjoying the music.

According to Elephantstay's Facebook page, the non profit foundation allows visitors to live with, care for, and learn about elephants.

Here's a bonus! The Facebook page posted another video of Peter -- who's also known as Noppakhao -- playing a clarinet. What a talented guy!

And if he's put you in the mood to watch more elephant videos, check out one baby elephant's best day ever at the beach.

H/T msnNOW


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