TV icons Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers came together in 1991 for "Step By Step," an updated "Brady Bunch" for the ABC's T.G.I.F. crowd.

The series followed Duffy's Frank Lambert and Somers' Carol Foster, who met on vacation and got married, resulting in the merging of their their respective families of three, plus Frank's Joey Tribbiani-like nephew Cody, who lived in a van outside their Wisconsin home.

Eventually Frank and Carol had a daughter of their own -- Lily -- shortly before the series came to an end in 1998. Though Duffy and Somers have kept us in the loop as to their whereabouts in the years since, the other stars of "Step By Step" have largely left the Hollywood life.

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the show's series finale -- which aired on June 26, 1998 -- click through the slideshow below to check in with the "Step By Step" cast.

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  • THEN: Suzanne Somers (Carol Foster-Lambert)

    After "Three's Company" and the Thighmaster (and those Playboy pictorials in between), Somers looked to return to the primetime sitcom world and landed on "Step By Step."

  • NOW: Suzanne Somers

    As "Step By Step" came to an end, Somers co-hosted the revised "Candid Camera" show. Then, in 2001, the actress announced she had breast cancer and just a few years later, <a href="" target="_blank">Somers made her Broadway debut in 2005 with the one-woman show "The Blonde in the Thunderbird,"</a> a collection of stories about her life and career. It closed in less than a week due to poor reviews and disappointing ticket sales. In 2012, Somers began an online talk show at CafeMom, <a href="" target="_blank">three episodes of which featured a reunion with her "Three's Company" co-star Joyce DeWitt</a>, with whom she didn't speak for 30 years. Soon thereafter, Somers kicked off her own talk show on Lifetime. Earlier this year, Somers, who has been married to Canadian TV host Alan Hamel for 36 years, <a href="" target="_blank">made a cameo on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."</a>

  • THEN: Patrick Duffy (Frank Lambert)

    While the world was still wondering who shot J.R., Duffy signed on for "Step By Step" just after "Dallas" ended its impressive 13-year run on CBS. As he did on "Dallas," Duffy often directed "Step By Step," totaling 49 episodes by the time the series ended in 1998.

  • NOW: Patrick Duffy

    While starring on "Step By Step," Duffy appeared in two "Dallas" TV movies and he also reunited with his former cast mates in the TV special "'Dallas' Reunion: Return to Southfork" in 2004. Since "Step By Step" ended, Duffy also made appearances on shows like "Diagnosis: Murder," "Reba" and "Touched By An Angel" before he began <a href="" target="_blank">a limited run on the daytime soap" The Bold and the Beautiful."</a> In 2012, Duffy reprised his role as Bobby Ewing on TNT's remake of "Dallas," which also <a href="" target="_blank">co-starred Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing until his passing</a>. Duffy has been married to Carlyn Rosser for nearly 40 years. The couple has two sons and three grandchildren.

  • THEN: Staci Keanan (Dana Foster)

    Keanan was a child acting veteran by the time "Step By Step" came around. She'd done many commercials and starred on "My Two Dads" for three years before earning the part of responsible bookworm Dana, the eldest of the Foster children.

  • NOW: Stacy Keanan

    By the time "Step By Step" ended in 1998, Keanan had changed the spelling of her name to Stacy in an effort to age herself a bit. Since the show's cancellation, she's had roles in a few Christian films and she made a cameo in the 2010's "You Again," with her "Step By Step" co-stars Patrick Duffy and Christine Lakin. Now 38, Keanan is married to British actor Guy Birtwhistle.

  • THEN: Angela Watson (Karen Foster)

    After years of being a beauty pageant queen, Watson found her first breakout role as the vain and ditzy aspiring model Karen, Carol's middle child and the subject of a lot of the show's punchlines.

  • NOW: Angela Watson

    Watson hasn't acted much since "Step By Step," but she did create a foundation to try to help other child actors protect themselves (<a href="" target="_blank">Child Actors Supporting Themselves, abbreviated as CAST</a>) after her parents reportedly tried to spend millions of dollars of her earnings from her seven seasons on the show.

  • THEN: Christopher Castile (Mark Foster)

    Castile appeared in the Miller-Boyett sitcom "Going Places," which also starred Alan Ruck, Heather Locklear and his soon-to-be TV sister Staci Keanan. The two were moved to "Step By Step" and Castile played the nerdiest of the Foster-Lambert bunch and Carol's youngest child. While on the show, he also starred in "Beethoven" and "Beethoven's 2nd" and he began to voice Eugene Horowitz on Nickelodeon's "Hey Arnold!" He left the cartoon after only eight episodes and was replaced by Jarrett Lennon, the actor who was originally cast as Mark on "Step By Step."

  • NOW: Christopher Castile

    Castile retired from acting following the cancellation of "Step By Step" in 1998. He got his B.A. from California State University in Long Beach in 2005 and went on to get his M.A. in 2008. Castile currently resides in Canada with his wife Alison (pictured). He's <a href="" target="_blank">a political science professor at Biola University</a>.

  • THEN: Sasha Mitchell (Cody Lambert)

    Mitchell got his first big TV break playing James Beaumont, J.R. Ewing's illegitimate son on "Dallas" -- meaning he was Patrick Duffy's character's nephew -- and he went on to play Duffy's nephew again as the dim-witted Cody who lived in his van on "Step By Step."

  • NOW: Sasha Mitchell

    Mitchell was fired from "Step By Step" after the fifth season due to<a href="" target="_blank"> some personal problems</a>, only returning for one episode in the show's seventh and final season. Since then, he's only had a few guest spots on TV shows like "NYPD Blue" and "ER," but no major roles. He's currently married to Rachel Mitchell (formerly known as Sharmaine Rayner).

  • THEN: Brandon Call (J.T. Lambert)

    Call began his career as a child actor in the mid-'80s, appearing in the daytime drama "Santa Barbara" and in the primetime hits "St. Elsewhere" and "Baywatch" before landing the role of eldest Lambert child, J.T. (short for John Thomas) on "Step by Step." After a day of work on the show in September 1996, <a href="" target="_blank">Call got into a traffic dispute while driving home and was shot in both arms</a>. He made a full recovery, but since the show ended in 1998, Call has been largely under the radar. <a href="" target="_blank">Various message boards report that he's a gas station owner in California</a>.

  • THEN: Christine Lakin (Al Lambert)

    Lakin got her big break playing Frank's tomboyish only daughter Al (short for Alicia) on "Step By Step." Eventually, she grew out of her backwards baseball hats, ponytails and baggy clothes.

  • NOW: Christine Lakin

    After "Step by Step" was cancelled in 1998, Lakin went on to graduate from UCLA with a B.A. in Communications. She continued to have minor TV roles on "7th Heaven," "3rd Rock From The Sun," "Boston Public" and "Veronica Mars" before becoming a regular cast member in MTV's "Wild 'n Out," an improv comedy show, in 2006. Two years later, Lakin starred alongside Paris Hilton in the maligned movie "The Hottie and the Nottie," which required extensive makeup to make her into "the Nottie." Lakin continued to have bit parts on TV and in movies, including "Melissa & Joey," "Bones" and "You Again," and <a href="" target="_blank">she recently returned to "Veronica Mars" for the late show's upcoming movie</a>.

  • THEN: Josh Byrne (Brendan Lambert)

    Byrne won the role of the youngest member of the entire Foster-Lambert clan on "Step By Step" after some experience on "Who's The Boss?" as well as a part in the film "Mr. Saturday Night" as a young Billy Crystal. Bryne appeared in all but the show's final season and his disappearance from "Step By Step" was never explained.

  • NOW: Josh Byrne

    Not much is known about Byrne since his "Step By Step" disappearance, but based on his Facebook, it's clear the actor still enjoys acting, at least in some respect: He appears to frequent Renaissance fairs.

  • THEN: Emily Mae Young (Lilly Foster-Lambert)

    Emily Mae Young joined "Step By Step" in its final two seasons as Lily Foster-Lambert, Carol and Frank's only biological daughter. (The character was born in the fifth season but aged up when the show returned for Season 6). Young was all over TV at the time: She was also <a href="" target="_blank">the famous face of Welch's juice</a>. After "Step By Step" ended, however, Young also faded into obscurity. She's currently 23 years old.

  • THEN: Bronson Pinchot (Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux)

    After his breakout role as Serge in "Beverly Hills Cop," Pinchot went on to play Balki Bartokomous on "Perfect Strangers" -- a role that garnered him an Emmy nomination -- before being brought in to replace Sasha Mitchell's character Cody in Season 6, playing Jean-Luc, a male beautician and Carol's business partner.

  • NOW: Bronson Pinchot

    Pinchot left "Step By Step" to headline CBS' short-lived alien comedy "Meego," and eventually found himself on VH1's reality show for has-been celebrities, "The Surreal Life." In 2008, he did several episodes of "The Young and the Restless," and he's currently starring on DIY's "Bronson Pinchot Project," a reality show that follows him as he flips houses. Pinchot also recently <a href="" target="_blank">took over a local weather report</a> and it was hilariously disastrous.