Jerry Hall's Magazine Covers: Her Best Moments In The Spotlight (PHOTOS)

07/02/2013 07:35 am ET

There is no denying Jerry Hall's beauty. By 1977, at 21 years old, the American model had already graced the covers of 40 magazines! This wild supermodel quickly gained a reputation for living life to the max (she frequented the popular club Studio 54) and once told Harper's Bazaar it was an LSD trip that inspired her to start modeling.

Of course, Hall is arguably most famous for her marriage to Mick Jagger. They stayed together for nine years, ending their relationship in 1999.

That didn't stop Hall from dominating the modeling industry. Her long blonde mane and piercing blue-green eyes helped make her one of the most recognizable faces. And her modeling expertise seems to have rubbed off on her daughter, Georgia May Jagger, a rising supermodel we applaud for staying true to who she is.

In honor of Hall's 57th birthday today, here's a look at some of her most memorable magazine covers. Check out those great vintage earrings!

Cosmopolitan UK, 1976: Ravishing in red.

jerry hall magazine covers

L'Officiel, 1978: Rocking the menswear.

jerry hall magazine covers

Desfile, 1981: We knew a face this beautiful would be destined for stardom.

jerry hall magazine covers

Cosmopolitan UK, 1985: Those earrings are so '80s and so fab.

jerry hall magazine covers

Vanity Fair, 1985: Between the sheets with Jerry.

jerry hall magazine covers

Vogue, 1975: She's on the phone again -- this time, beautiful in all blue.

jerry hall magazine covers

Madame Magazine, 2010: At 54, she can still model couture like a pro.

jerry hall magazine covers

Ponystep Magazine, 2011: Seriously, does this woman ever age?

jerry hall magazine covers

Georgia May Jagger seems to be following in her mother's footsteps...

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