07/01/2013 06:16 pm ET | Updated Jul 02, 2013

Naperville 'Simpsons' Vandal: Police On The Lookout For Colorful 'El Barto' Graffiti Bandit

Property owners in one affluent Chicago suburb are seeing red over a lot yellow.

Since early June, a graffiti artist — or maybe several, according to police — has been busy covering the walls of businesses, electrical boxes and garbage containers in downtown Naperville with graffiti centered around "The Simpsons," The Daily Herald reports.

The vandal has apparently been dubbed "El Barto":

In a statement, Naperville police said, “The artwork is extensive and time-consuming, and the ability to have it removed is very costly,” the Sun-Times reports.

Naperville Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information on the vandal. Residents with any information can call 630-420-6006 to report an anonymous tip.

No word as to whether Milhouse Van Houten is a suspect.


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