Showing patriotism this Independence Day is easy if you follow these tips. Though, we admit our grasp on patriotism might be a little fuzzy. America!

1. Make sure you have the right kind of cheese
american cheese

2. Sharpen your knives
american psycho

3. Wear some hotpants
american apparel
American Apparel

4. Hit on your daughter's friends
american beauty

5. Get an American Hairless Terrier
hairless terrier

6. Find Ryan Seacrest and hang out with him
american idol

7. Listen to some folk music
history americas greatest hits

8. Listen to all of Don McClean's "American Pie." Yes, all of it.
don mclean

9. Watch all four "American Pie" movies. Yes, all of them.
american pie movies

10. Import some werewolves from Paris or London.
american werewolf

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  • Hair Extensions

    One simple clip and your hair becomes a symbol of national pride.

  • Wine Glass

    Works best with American wines.

  • Wooden Hot Air Balloon

    About time someone made one of these.

  • Wine Bottle Necklace

    A subtle hint of the nation's colors.

  • Star Soaps

    The stars on the American flag in soap-form.

  • Fake Cupcakes

    Delicious-looking patriotic cupcakes that you can't eat because they're not actually food.

  • Straws

    Never have to drink through a country-neutral straw again.

  • Tutu

    A nice patriotic break from the same old boring pink tutus.

  • Dog Collar

    So what if your dog doesn't understand the concept of different groups of people separated by various governments? Doesn't mean they can't still be patriotic.

  • Pint Jars

    Finally, patriotic jars.

  • Top Hat

    Pretty subtle, but still effective.

  • Hula Hoop

    Hula hoop with some pride.

  • Tissue Box Holder

    No more boring, unpatriotic tissue boxes.

  • Flask

    Fall under the judging gaze of an eagle as you become more and more inebriated.

  • Tic Tac Holder

    The regular, non-patriotic Tic Tac boxes just won't cut it.

  • Tart Burner

    Only for patriotic fragrances.

  • Patriotic Bowl Fillers

    Need something to fill all those empty bowls in your house? Look no further than these patriotic bowl fillers.

  • Flip Flops

    The most patriotic flip flops around.

  • Hook Bookmark

    Guaranteed to be the most patriotic hook/bookmark available in today's market.

  • Uncle Sam Whirligig

    A wooden whirligig of Uncle Sam with American flags for hands.

  • Sunglasses

    Protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, while also reflecting some national pride back at the Sun.

  • Soap Popsicle

    A red, white and blue popsicle made out of soap a warm summer day of hand washing.

  • Uncle Sam Dog Hat

    Finally, a patriotic hat made for dogs.

  • Feather Tree

    Only red, white and blue feathers on this tree.

  • Uncle Sam Wine Stopper

    Uncle Sam is thrilled to keep your wine fresh.

  • Washcloth Set

    Have to use all three at the same time to get the combination of the red, white and blue washcloths.

  • Cupcake Holders

    Makes your cupcakes so much more delicious.

  • Whistle

    A red, white and blue whistle made from Coca-Cola bottle caps.

  • Cutlery

    A patriotic fork, spoon and spreader.

  • Wine Bag

    The most patriotic way to transport that bottle of 1992 Merlot.

  • Patriotic Bear

    No question of this bear's national pride.

  • Uncle Sam Wall Art

    Uncle Sam's smiling face affixed to your wall.

  • Zipper Charm

    Liven up those normal, unpatriotic zippers.

  • Baby Leg Warmers

    Finally some patriotic leg warmer options for babies.

  • Scrabble Tile Pendant

    The most patriotic Scrabble tile.