Amanda Bynes Tweets That She's In Love, Calls Drake Gorgeous

07/02/2013 08:22 am ET | Updated Jul 02, 2013

Amanda Bynes flipped her general attitude once again last night (July 1) as she tweeted about being in love with a mystery person, and commented on how "gorgeous" Drake is. If you're just tuning in, Bynes has gone back and forth on Drake from saying she wanted the Canadian rapper to "murder [her] vagina", to repeatedly calling him ugly, to apologizing, to moving on to other celebs such as Zac Efron, to a whole list of other antics.

But! Now Bynes is in love. Who is the mystery person?!

Gucci Mane and Barack Obama are the only two celebrities Bynes is following on Twitter, so she isn't in love with them.

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